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Welcome to my personal website.
You can get to know me and what I do here.

About Myself

My name is TJ Bruce and I am currently a senior college student studying Information Processes and Technology, among other subjects. I have experience in HTML and CSS coding, along with Objective-C and Swift programming for iOS.

I live in Sydney, Australia with my family. I enjoy hands-on projects, learning from others and expressing my opinions.

I enjoy light gaming, especially role playing, adventure and puzzle solving. I love playing cricket, long distance running, swimming and I am currently a Red Belt in Go-Kan-Ryu Karate. I love watching Doctor Who and Star Trek. I have extensive experience with Public Speaking and Debating.

Website News / Web Feed

Posted Sunday 27th August - Completely revamped the website to include faster loading times, improved usability and accurate information.

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Background Image Project (Temporary)

You can access my background images photography project from here. This is a temporary link.

What I Do

Here you can find a list of things I am currently working on.

iOS and Android Application Development

Currently working on developing new applications for school based projects.

HTML and Website Development

I am improving my website as well as working to maintain my other websites.

GSCC Radio (College Radio Station)

Currently the Project Manager for GSCC Radio, a 24/7, community driven, online school radio station.

Youtube, Photography, Video and Digital Media

I am currently working on a number of video and photography projects, along with my channel, Tech with TJ. A senior member of the GSCC Special Events and Media Team.

Genius Bar IT Assistant

I am capable of diagnosing and repairing common issues people may have with their laptops, PCs, tablets or mobile phones.

Public Speaking and Debating

I am always trying to improve my speaking skills and share my knowledge with others.

Contact Me

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